Hello there!  I’m Kim and it is a pleasure to meet you!  I’m 27 with an insatiable wanderlust for new and exotic places, but for the time being life has brought me to northern California and the Redwoods.  I grew up in Alaska – fishing for salmon and freezing my toes off – and hope to someday make it back up to that magical place!  (I also dream of living in Romania in a dark and brooding castle on a cliff, and also also a small cottage on the coast of Scotland.  Oh and I will also also also need many acres of land wherever I live for all the dogs I will have rescued.  Dream big or go home, right?)

The most important thing about me is my love for Jesus Christ, or rather His love for me.  He is my Rock and without Him, I can say without a doubt I would not still be here.  When life throws me curveballs and everything is out of my control and I feel overwhelmed, He is the one constant I know I can always count on.  He is always there, always listening, and always ready to love me through my flaws.

My other passions include animals (dogsdogsdogsdogsDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGS!!!!), music, art, nature, books, Henry Cavill, travel, and trying new, organic, and cruelty-free makeup products.  I know – basically like every other late-twenties white girl!

I have a Bachelors degree in English Literature and plan to continue my education as soon as financially possible.  My dream career is to be a published author but for now I am content to be a librarian.  I’m married to a wonderful, loving, patient guy named Shawn and I thank God every day (literally) for the fact that I haven’t driven him absolutely crazy yet.  And last but not least, we have two adorable pups named Chippy and Roo.  If it weren’t for the fact that the apartment we live in only allows for two dogs, I’d have about 73 more…and they’d all be rescues from the shelter.

One thing I plan to talk a lot about on my blog is the struggle I’ve had with Trichotillomania, a type of OCD in which I pull my hair out.  It has been quite a journey and I’m definitely not at the end yet, but I’ve gathered some knowledge and experience over the years in how to deal with it that I hope will come in handy to someone out there going through the same thing and wondering what the heck to do.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading this.  Please take a look around my blog and let me know what you think!  All the best!