What Do You Expect?

I used to read the news every day in order to keep up with current events.  I’d go to multiple sites to make sure I got a well-rounded view of things, usually starting with the BBC and then checking CNN and Fox as well.  But I don’t do that anymore because most of the news is so insanely depressing.  I know “that’s life,” but man – I just can’t handle it. Especially the stories of extreme animal abuse.  It just messes me up for the entire day and sometimes much longer.

Now I’m going to state the obvious:  There is so much bad crap in the world.  Famine, war, disease, violence, drugs, etc.  It’s horrible.  It seems like every day there’s another shooting somewhere in the United States or Europe and more bombings in the Middle East.  So…why?  Why are humans so incredibly cruel to each other?  Why can’t we all get along and play nice and enjoy worldwide peace and harmony?

Because we’ve taken God out of everything.  Kids are taught in school that we’ve all descended from monkeys.  That there’s nothing special about us – not really – because we’re basically just super-smart primates.  That there’s no life after death and we don’t have souls.  Think about the repercussions of that for a second.  Indoctrinating children with the idea that we’re just animals means there isn’t really any sanctity of life, so murder really isn’t that bad of a thing.  It’s not much worse than accidentally hitting a deer with your car.  And if there’s no God then there’s no judgement, which means there’s no reason for morality, truth, kindness, or anything else like that.  It’s just survival of the fittest.  Which means stealing, lying, cheating, breaking laws, and even murdering others, is acceptable if you’re just trying to survive or get ahead of the game.  And if there’s no God and no Heaven or Hell, there’s no hope.  Not really.  There’s nothing to look forward to and strive towards because after we die we’re just going to cease existing.  That idea is so terrifying to me, I have no idea how others can handle it.

And isn’t this mentality evident after reading just a handful of recent news stories?  Several days ago I read about an eight year old boy committing suicide after getting maliciously bullied at school.  I also read about a teenage girl microwaving her guinea pig.  Then of course there’s all of the recent Facebook Live murders, which have been nauseating to even read about.  How are people capable of such evil?  How can anyone think it’s ok to take someone else’s life?  Or even the life of an animal?

This world is so, so broken.  Without God, we are all broken.  It’s no wonder so many people are full of fear, anger, resentment, and despair, when they’ve been told God doesn’t exist and there’s no hope of anything better than this life.  God is a rock to cling to amidst the storms of life – and without God of course people are floundering and drowning.

I’ve heard many people say, “I don’t believe in God because if he exists, how could he let all these horrible things happen?”  And I understand that – I really do.  There is so much pain and darkness in the world and it makes sense to wonder why God doesn’t just fix it. However, what those people are failing to see is that the brokenness of this world is our fault, and that God has provided us all a way to survive life’s hardships and overcome them with His help.  And on top of that, He is going to fix everything at the end.  We just have to trust Him until then.

This conundrum really bothers me.  I want to fix the world and make everyone’s pain and suffering vanish.  I’m tired, so very tired, of seeing all the horrors on the news that just never seem to stop.  I know I’m going to sound like a naive child when I say this, but I just wish everyone could learn to trust God and work together to make the world bearable!  Why can’t people see how badly we’re failing at everything by taking God out of our lives?  I guess I’m speaking mainly about America since it’s where I live and what I’ve experienced, but I can see firsthand how this country has gone down the tubes as we’ve systematically weeded God and Christianity out of our culture.  If you put it on a chart, you’d be able to see the direct correlation between the dwindling morality (and success) of the U.S. and the attempt to expunge God from every aspect of our lives.  Once God’s gone, there are no rules.  And look at what a mess the United States is in right now!

It’s like watching a train wreck in slow-motion.  The answer to the world’s problems is God, and the world is looking for answers everywhere but there.

In a world headed for self-destruction / the answer is here / are we too blind to see it?           -For Today, “Break the Cycle”

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