Trying Something New!

Hello, world!

I’m finally taking the plunge into the slightly terrifying world of blogging.  It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time and just never worked up enough courage to do until now.

What do I plan on blogging about, you might be wondering?  That’s a very good question.  I’m not quite sure yet, to be honest with you!  When I was doing a bit of research about blogging, one blogger suggested choosing something you could be considered an expert on to write about.  An expert? I thought to myself.  The only thing I consider myself an expert on is taking naps!  I laugh, but it’s kind of true.  So instead of trying to pinpoint one topic to concentrate on, right now I’m just going to jot down a few things to help you get to know me.  Sound good?

A brief history of myself:  I grew up in Alaska and I now live in northern California.  I’m married to a wonderful guy and we have two fur-babies, Chippy and Roo.  Chippy is a mean little Chihuahua and Roo is a sweet, clumsy Corgi/Beagle…we think?  We love to go on hikes and spend time outdoors, but we also love binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix until our butts are numb from sitting too long.  (Game of Thrones or Supernatural, anyone?)  I work at a library where I mainly tell people they can’t eat inside, and I like to go to metal concerts as often as I’m able.

Things I’m passionate about:  Jesus, animals (especially dogs!), books, nature, history, music, staying healthy and fit, and art.

Things I want to accomplish in life:  publishing a book, traveling all over the world (especially Europe), earning my Masters and eventually PhD degrees, learning a second language, and saving as many shelter dogs as I can.

Favorite book:  Dracula  (this might be a ‘hipster’ thing to say, but I was into vampires before they were mainstream, ok?).

Favorite bands:  For Today, Underoath, Silent Planet, Dayseeker, Memphis May Fire, and Fit For A King.  (Basically anything metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, or screamo.)

Pet peeves: blanket fuzz that gets stuck on the carpet, people who don’t use their blinkers to change lanes, and the incorrect usage of ‘there,’ ‘their,’ and ‘they’re.’

Things I struggle with: Trichotillomania (that ridiculously long word means I pull my hair out), depression, social anxiety, guilt, regret, self-confidence, and anger.

As you can see, I struggle a great deal with my mental health.  There are many facets to this because ‘mental health’ itself is just such a wide topic, but the main issue I have is Trichotillomania.  Basically, I pull my hair out.  Yeah, it’s weird.  Really weird.  And inconvenient.  And time-consuming.  And incredibly embarrassing.  My struggle with Trich has caused more heartache, pain, and tears than I care to admit.

I guess, more than anything else, I’m an expert on Trichotillomania!  I’ve had it for 25 years so I think I probably know everything there is to know about this disorder.  Do you have Trichotillomania or any similar disorders?  How do you handle it / keep it in control?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Any feedback is welcome!

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